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Spiget is a JSON Information API for Spigot Resources/Plugins and Authors
The data is loaded and updated from the SpigotMC site every 2 hours.
It loads all resources of the first 5 resource-pages by default. It also updates the authors and versions of those resources.

Make sure to follow @Spiget and @inventivetalent on twitter to get the latest updates.
You should also check out the SpigotMC thread, if you're interested in the change log.

This project is currently in BETA, so its functionality and availability is not guaranteed yet.
Please feel free to report issues or suggest features using the Issue Tracker.


This project is open-source!
All repositories for the API, Website, Fetcher and Documentation are located on GitHub.

Feature Requests | Bug Reports

If you would like to suggest a feature or if you found a Bug,
please use the Issue Tracker to submit them.


Do you still have questions?
Join the Discord or IRC below